Listen to the Music

Every year, on the anniversary of my wife's passing, I got together with the kids - yes, all four of them - and put together a video commemorating the last year.  It always had the memory of their mother in there with it.  The first year, being honest, was sad.  We were still wondering what had happened to our lives.  The second was angry, as many people came to us looking for help to process their own grief when, two years in, it was still fresh for us.  The third looked at where we were going.  Frankly, I thought we couldn't do much more than that so we skipped a time of doing it.

Then this year my kids asked to do it again, at least one more video.  We came to the conclusion that we never would have made it this far alone.  We asked all the people who helped us - those willing, anyway - to record a video on their iPhones of themselves singing along to the chorus of a song.  We used one I sang as a kid and my kids sang as well, an old Doobie Brothers song called Listen to the Music.  I coaxed my middle daughter, Hannah, to sing along.  Then we put all the people who helped us into the video as well.  I think the result is pretty amazing!

Hope you enjoy it:

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