When the Giants Fell

Dave Manoucheri

My first album since 2001, a solo LP with the help of AGNTB and Chris Amaral. It's a soulful album in 2 parts, The Dark and the Light.

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When the Morning Comes (Single)

The first single by Dave, featuring the Ain't Got No Time (Rock and Blues) Band.  The band and Dave considered this such a strong track they decided that, even though they are still recording the album, it should be released early. 

A mix of Allman Brothers, Eagles, and Black Crowes (with some other influences stuck in there) it is one of the strongest tracks from an already stellar lineup of songs so far!

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My single at CD Baby

My single at "CD Baby".  Here you can download the straight "mastered for iTunes" thing . . . or full-resolution, high-quality audio as well!  And there are real people if you have an issue that you can call!  All while giving the majority of money to the artists and supporting local music.

Just sayin'!!!

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