Ain't Got No Time (Rock and Blues) Band

The Ain't Got No Time (Rock and Blues) Band

Considering that my first single comes out tomorrow, April 22nd, as of this writing . . . I thought there was a very important group of people you should meet.

None, and I do mean none of this would be possible without the help of one of the most talented group of musicians I have ever met.

Frankly, this entire project has taken on a flavor and inspiration that propelled it far beyond anything I had anticipated and it's all because of their help.

A few years ago, Matt Retz, who is the other guitarist, vocalist, and just extraordinary friend - like all of them - sent a message to the rest of us and basically said we were in a band together.  No question, no choice, just performing.  The reasoning was we all liked to play and we all had very small egos and we all loved music for music's sake.  

Given that none of us ever had the time to do much of anything the name was a given: The Ain't Got No Time (rock and blues) Band.

When I finally reached a point where I'd healed, written, and gotten the drive to make this material into my own record I asked all four of the other members if they would mind being the backing band for this.  None of them blinked an eye they simply said "yes". 

So without further ado let me introduce you to the amazing people who helped me make this possible:

Matt Retz is a guitarist and singer and more or less helped me produce this record.  As did the others, for sure, but Matt took a pivotal role in helping get vocals and everything together.  It was his arrangements that make such a beautiful addition to the song.  They, frankly, make the song!

Kevin Mooney is the percussionist and he has an ear for it.  Where we were working for a specific drum tone, Kevin knew how his kit would sound, how it should sound, and what needed to happen to get the backing rhythm just right.  He can play everything from blues to country to straight rock and does it with aplomb.

Eric Rosander is the bassist and vocalist.  He also plays upright bass, sings with an a-capella group, and was also responsible for the amazing backing vocals in this upcoming track.  He had no issues when we handed him impossible ideas for bass lines as he just tore through them like it was no big deal.  Add his vocals and co-arrangements and it's a pretty damn amazing addition to this track.

Rob Sabino might just be our ringer.
He had years as a studio musician and every time we see him we drag out of him another musician who he played with and recorded.  From Bowie to Jagger to Paul Simon and Madonna.  He helped Matt, Eric and I with arrangements.  He is one of those people who you can just call out the chord change and he makes it sound like he played it for 10 years.

You can see, then, why I love these guys and why they were the only people I asked to do this with.

The result comes out tomorrow, April 22nd, and I'm insanely proud of it.  Please...give it a listen, and help me thank these amazing guys for their work!


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